5 Most Reliable Cars You Can Purchase from Royal Auto Dealer – Montclair

Posted Sunday, Sep 17, 2023

5 Most Reliable Cars in Montclair

Buying a used car is a tough decision. Such an expensive purchase requires thorough research and a decision made with the guidance of professionals. 

Many people prefer to trust a used car dealership rather than buying from a private seller. This is because a dealership can offer you an accurate and reliable vehicle history and assure the longevity of your chosen vehicle. 

That said, many people still want to conduct their research and purchase the most reliable used car they can find. After all, no one wants to spend a lot of money on repair costs, services, and maintenance of a car that they have just bought. 

So here is a list of the 5 most reliable used cars that you can purchase from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair. 

1. 2020 KIA NIRO 

Mileage: 36,873 

  • VIN: KNDCB3LC2L5370226 

With a 1.6-liter hybrid engine and a forward drivetrain, the 2020 KIA NIRO tops our list as the most affordable and practical choice. The Kia Niro might not be as luxurious, but it has an unrivaled performance. It is a convenient choice of vehicle for those customers who are conscious about the fuel efficiency of their cars, as well as their budget. 

Kia Niro is a handsome alternative to Toyota Prius, which has long dominated the market for affordable hybrids. It is an exceptionally reliable car and an excellent small SUV.  

Inside, you can find a roomy interior and a 10.25-inch touchscreen. The headlights are restyled, and so are the grille and fog lights. 

With the traffic-adaptive cruise control system, the 2020 KIA NIRO provides a smooth and efficient drive in cities and highways. There are also the optional steering-wheel shift paddles, which help the driver gain control over the regenerative braking system. 

Get the 2020 KIA NIRO from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair. 

2. 2018 HONDA CR-V 

  • Mileage: 51,732 
  • VIN: 7FARW1H52JE003775 

The 2018 HONDA CR-V is another reliable car that is less than 10 years old.  

2018 was an amazing year for the HONDA CR-V, as the cars were equipped with advanced safety features, decent practicality, and a high overall score.  

All the previous owners of the 2018 HONDA CR-V have praised its spacious cabin, the technology features, and the efficient engines. 

The 2018 HONDA CR-V has two excellent fuel-efficient powertrains. It is an upscale model that beats many of its SUV rivals. The interior is highly comfortable, with class-leading cargo space. 

We recommend our customers who are looking for a stylish but comfortable used car purchase a 2018 HONDA CR-V. With the latest tech offerings, powerful chassis, and exceptional fuel economy, it is good to drive and even better to look at. 

The 1.5-liter engine makes 190 horsepower. Furthermore, you can enjoy 179 pound-feet of torque. No owner of the 2018 HONDA CR-V has had problems with the 1.5-liter engine’s performance. It is because the HONDA CR-V allows them to navigate the traffic easily with its quick responses, even at low speeds. 

The compliant and composed suspension is also suitable for any kind of commute, whether long or short. 

Get the 2018 HONDA CR-V from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair.


  • Mileage: 9,306 
  • VIN: 1FATP8UH7M5119895 

The 2021 FORD MUSTANG remains one of the most reliable used cars since 2018. When it comes to owner satisfaction and customer verdict, there’s no comparison of the 2021 FORD MUSTANG. 

All models of the Ford Mustang are fun to drive, but the 2021 FORD MUSTANG offers even greater performance. 

The cabin is much roomier than other rivals of the 2021 FORD MUSTANG, such as the Camaro. This car is the perfect blend of style, performance, and driver’s satisfaction. 

The beautiful bodywork is the first thing that attracts our customers. With a practical interior and sporty transportation, no one leaves our dealership without falling in love with the 2021 FORD MUSTANG. 

In 2021, Ford offered an aerodynamic style and exclusively wider wheels for the FORD MUSTANG. The turbocharged Eco-boost four-cylinder can provide enough punch to beat even the most powerful Mustangs of the past. 

Get the 2021 FORD MUSTANG from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair. 

4. 2016 BMW X6 

  • Mileage: 78,049 
  • VIN: 5UXKU2C57G0N80212 

Another used car from our inventory that provides an exceptional well driving experience to our customers. The 2016 BMW X6 offers plenty of space on the front and rear seats, as well as headroom. 

It’s an agile car for its age and size, and we cannot praise the powerful engines enough. For those customers who are looking for a quiet and comfortable ride, the 2016 BMW X6 is the perfect choice. 

The 2016 BMW X6 is a phenomenal crossover between a high-end coupe and an SUV. Enjoy the best of luxury with its powerful 3-liter turbo engine and an AWD drivetrain. 

Get the 2016 BMW X6 from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair


  • Mileage: 96,366 
  • VIN: WDDHF9CB1EA879664 

2014 MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS is another powerful and one of the most reliable used cars that we offer to our customers. The premium interior and exceptionally powerful engine will offer safety and driver satisfaction. 

The standard four-cylinder diesel engine, and restyled appearance, make this model highly desirable among our customers. The added safety features also add to the appeal of this car. 

Get the 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS from Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair


At Royal Auto Dealer - Montclair, we recommend our customers inspect their cars by an independent mechanic. This is to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase and do not have to worry about any hidden issues that can cost them thousands of dollars in the future.